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Hall of Fame Members 2001 - 2020

1934 Stephen Campbell 1956 William B. Rudolph, Ph.D.
1935 Col. Harry W. Christman 1956 June Kemmler Phillips, Ph.D.
1936 Jack Purcell 1957 Gail Kortz Fisher
1936 Jane Viehman 1957 June Darling Stroup
1937 J. Stuart Ackelson, Ed.D. 1957 Daniel S. Gee
1937 Reid W. McGibbeny 1958 H. Robert Burger
1938 Edward Bench 1959 Diane P. McKissick
1938 Margaret Young Krider 1959 Gene Nicholsen
1939 Charles S. Odata 1960 Jo Anne Chiavetta
1939 Lt. Col. Robert Cronenweth 1961 David K. Warner
1940 Richard Hartman 1962 Frank R. Mihalovich
1940 Robert M. Jacob, JD 1963 George Benson
1940 James A. Kehl, Ph.D. 1964 William H. Pope, Ph.D.
1940 Lt. Col. George Sullivan 1964 Joseph Curtin
1941 Arthur Pallan 1964 Charles Carlini, MD, JD
1941 Gerry Franz Sullivan 1968 Vincent Graziano
1941 Carol Galati Flannick 1968 Joan Herron
1941 Edward P. Vickless 1968 Mitchell P. Zychowski, Jr.
1941 Anthony Accamando 1969 Daniel A. Carlins
1942 E. Jean Weaver, Ph.D. 1969 Albert P. DeAmicis
1943 Gen. Robert W. Bazley 1970 Joyce Aschenbrenner
1943 Owen Fox 1970 Thomas A. Slenkamp
1944 Clifford H. Swensen, Jr., Ph.D. 1971 James J. Carlins
1944 George Kesida 1971 Mark J. Holewinski
1946 Gene T. Odato 1972 Thomas Lazenga
1946 Orlando Jardini, Ph.D. 1972 Kevin White
1947 George Radosevich 1973 Thomas W. Beddard
1947 K. F. Thompson Krichbaum, DDS 1973 Thomas A. Carlins
1948 J. Fred Slater 1973 David W. Hertzog, Ph.D.
1948 Nancy Tear Winter, Ph.D. 1974 Hon. Kim D. Eaton
1948 Fr. Isaac H. Jacob, OSB 1974 Timothy O'Neil
1948 Kenneth D. Eskey 1974 Marcia Reeves Simpson
1948 Martha Ayres Barber 1975 Francis A. Cappetta, DDS
1949 Lloyd K. Colteryahn 1975 Mark E. Coticchia
1949 Joseph P. Schmidt 1975 Robert M. Linn
1949 Joan Stephano-Nelson 1975 Regis McQuaide
1949 Daniel Torisky 1976 Gary M. Fujak
1949 John C. Carlin, Jr., JD 1976 Thomas Gill
1950 Rudolph Pallan 1976 Thomas E. McDonough
1950 James J. Schaming 1976 David Nobs
1950 Dorothy Chiavetta Kolodner 1977 Linda Carlins Herrera
1951 David E. Eskey, Ph.D. 1977 Linda Riesmeyer Kostyak, Ph.D.
1951 Janet Schuetz Schulman 1977 John Sartorio, DMD
1952 Rev. William Thomas 1977 Michael Urquhart
1952 Richard Gary Newcomer 1978 Gregory Coticchia
1953 Thomas M. Colella 1978 Jeffrey Kunkel, D.Ed.
1953 Howard Hartmann 1979 Claudia Szot Balach, Ph.D.


T. Roger Entress, DDS 1980 J. Scott Radecic
1954 Charles N. O'Data 1981 David Jardini, Ph.D.
1954 Richard Ott 1982 Michael J. Fisher
1954 Robert H. Rudolph, MD 1982 Nancy Jo Jardini, JD
1954 Richard H. Snelsire 1982 Mark Masur
1955 David Bergholz 1983 Carrie Estock Coghill Kuntz
1955 Ron Schwartzel 1985 Hon. Deborah Ganter Kunselman
1955 Jan C. Swensen, JD 1988 Kurt Wolfe
1955 Rita B. Hughes 1992 Kenneth E. Lockhart, Jr.
1955 Ronald F. Frey 1992 Valerie R. Suski, DO
1955 Eleanore Perry Boyce 1999 Melissa Milanak

Brentwood alumni serve in professions around the world.

Brentwood High School photoSince 1934 Brentwood High School graduates have been contributing to American society and also to life abroad. Many of their deeds have been recognized by the Hall of Fame. The Brentwood High School Hall of Fame has recognized major contributors, most of whom have excelled in more than one area.

In order for this Web site to remain current, the inductees of the Brentwood High School Hall of Fame will be updated annually. Through the Web site, you can nominate alumni.

The following summaries serve to sample the broad planes of human endeavor on which Brentwood High School graduates have left indelible imprints.

State & Local Contributions

  • Chair, Division of Health Sciences, CCAC; Executive Director, National Board of Certification for Hospice Nurses
  • Residential developer/builder who built more than 1500 residences and complexes in the South Hills
  • Judge, Allegheny Court of Common Pleas
  • Surveyor of the Port Authority Light Rail Transit System from Downtown to Sough Hills Village
  • Professor and Chair, Modern Languages Department, Chatham College
  • Judge, Beaver County Court of Common Pleas
  • Professor of History and Dean, College of Arts & Sciences, University of Pittsburgh
  • Disc Jockey, KDKA and WWSW for more than 40 years
  • Superintendent, 14 years in Upper St. Clair School District; Pennsylvania Superintendent of the Year, 2002
  • Professional football player (Steelers, Browns, Baltimore Colts) Brentwood High School Football coach

National Contributions

  • Associate Director, Athletics, University of Colorado; presidential appointee to US Advisory Committee on Women in the Armed Forces
  • Vice Commander-in Chief of US Air Forces in Europe; Inspector General of the US Air Force; Chief-of-Staff of the US Air Force; Commander-in-Chief of Pacific Air Forces
  • Pioneer in broadcast engineering; first multi-station circular polarized panel antenna in US
  • Executive Director, Allegheny Conference on Community Development; Executive Director, George Grund Foundation
  • Reporter, Pittsburgh Press; Scripps-Howard News Services in D.C. (25 years)
  • President, Rockwin Prestressed Concrete Corp. of CA, one of the largest producers of its kind in the US
  • Senior trial attorney, Fraud Section, Dept. Of Justice; Deputy Chief Counsel, Criminal Tax Investigations, IRS
  • Pittsburgh and Philadelphia sports writer; sports editor, Parade Magazine, later a writer for New York Times and Los Angeles Times
  • Dentist with focus on pain management and hypnosis; first woman president of Pennsylvania Dental Association
  • President and co-founder of D.B.Root & Co, a wealth management firm: one of nation's top 100 financial advisors, according to Barrons
  • Professor of Medicine, Univ. of Washington (Seattle) ; Oncology and transplant surgeon
  • Pitt football All American; NFL All Pro and MVP; player and coach, Detroit Lions
  • Founder and President, Tri-Mark Communications, 1990 winner of Jefferson Medal

International Contributions

  • Reporter for New York Herald-Tribune (Paris edition); foreign service officer in Paris, Tehran, and Washington
  • President and CEO of Tube City, a metals corporation with branches in US and Europe
  • Director of American Language Institute at University of Southern California,; taught in Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Iraq and Thailand
  • Professor of Physics, Univ. of Washington, Seattle; member, multinational Brookhaven Laboratory experiment that includes physicists from US, Germany, Japan and Russia
  • Entrepreneur. Practice Director and Manager, Hatch Assoc. (London); founder and president, C/G Electrodes, producer of ultra high power graphite electrodes, marketed worldwide.
  • Director of Communications for Saudi Investment Bank; public relations advisor to Saudi Basic Industries Corp.
  • Entrepreneur. Dravo Corporation engineer; founder, owner and president of Somerset Consolidated Industries (35 years) shipping castings to Europe, South America and Japan

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